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Исполнитель: Май литл пони

Название: Гимн брони по англиски ^_^

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Текст песни:

What is this weird show?
It's like the only thing you know
You talk about it every day
You know this is child's play

Your path ahead is blurred
Told to go join in on the herd
You know this show's for younger crowds?
How can you say you're proud?

Now think, brony, think
Everything in here is pink
You've spent your precious time
Now you're walking a fine line

And then you have the nerve
To ask me to observe
These girly things
You open your mouth and sing...

Ponies aren't just for girls
Let this tail unfurl
Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie
Applejack and Fluttershy
Do not be afraid
We will never fade
Rainbow Dash and Rarity
Join the herd, and you will see

Hey this show's not bad
I'll give it to ya, I'm real glad
I never thought I'd like this stuff
I thought I was just too tough

I'm sorry I was rude
I feel happy and renewed
And even though I feel naive
I find it hard to leave

So thanks, brony, thanks
My mind was shooting blanks
I feel like such a fool
Who knew ponies were this cool?

Now wait for Saturday
For the show to play
What will it bring?
We open our mouths and sing

Join. The. Herd.


So thanks, brony, thanks
Looks like I've joined your ranks
I never could repay
What you've done for me today

Hey thanks, brony thanks,
Looks like I've joined your rank
I never could repay

(Chorus x 2)

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Май литл пони - Гимн брони по англиски ^_^


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