Gabriella Gibboni All In Mario M Remix Spazi0 Edit

Текст песни All In Mario M Remix Spazi0 Edit - Gabriella Gibboni читать онлайн

Исполнитель: Gabriella Gibboni

Название: All In (Mario M Remix) (Spazi0 Edit)

Просмотрено: 360

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Текст песни:

Take a breath, count to ten
Stakes are high, bets are in
Poker face, burning thin
Ashes to ashes, hell here I go falling again

Ooooo Baby we'll never win, we'll never win
Ooooo No I can't fucking win, no I'll never win

You strung me along, pulling me thin
Cutting me loose and then dragging me in
And I'm done, chasing you around
Baby step up, or baby back down
But right now
I'm giving in
I guess I'm all in

Gabriella Gibboni - All In (Mario M Remix) (Spazi0 Edit)


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